Purchase Process

Below you will find the standard purchase process we follow when you decide to purchase land from us. We get lot’s of questions about fees that we charge and we want to be upfront about any costs! There are only two “fees” that our company will ever charge.

  • A one time only Document Processing Fee or Doc Fee
  • Monthly note processing fee

That is it. No other fees will ever be charged.

Owner Financing Purchase Process

  • Pay Down Payment and Document Fee via Credit Card, PayPal, or Venmo.

  • After the down payment is received, 3 documents are drafted: Promissory Note, Land Contract, and a Purchase Contract. Click Here to view a Sample Contract
    We will send you a form to gather the necessary information from you to create these documents.

  • Documents will be signed using the electronic signing service Adobe Sign.

  • For monthly payments, ACH via a U.S. bank account must be used. (please let us know if this will be an issue)

  • Monthly payments will start 30 days after signing.

  • A small monthly note processing fee and property taxes are included in your monthly payments. (occasionally other fees like HOA/POA will also be included)

  • We use an automated payment system called Geek Pay, where you can see your contract documents and remaining payment schedule.

  • You can pay an extra amount toward the property whenever you’d like on this website

  • Geek Pay will notify you via email each month your payment is due, and when the payment was successfully processed

  • Once the principal is paid in full, we deed the property to you within 2 weeks

FINANCING: A credit check is NOT required to be approved for financing. We always honor the down payment listed in our ads, but you also have the option to put more money down. If you would like to do this, please let us know!

Cash Purchase Process

  • Pay the Down Payment and document processing fee to reserve the property via Credit Card, PayPal, or Venmo.
  • After this payment is received, 2 documents are drafted: a new Deed and a Purchase Contract.
  • The Purchase Contract will be signed using the electronic signing service Adobe Sign.
  • After signing, we notarize the new deed and provide you with evidence that it has been notarized (i.e. fax, picture, video).
  • The remaining payment will need to be processed via bank wire (preferably) or ACH draft. We can also accept payment via the website checkbook.io - however this has up to a two week processing time.
  • Once the funds are received, we send the deed to the county for recording.
  • In most counties we will record the deed electronically. This process usually only takes a day. Once the deed is recorded, you will receive a physical and digital closing packet. (counties where we cannot record electronically will take longer)
  • The next step? ENJOY YOUR LAND!

For any questions regarding this process please contact us!

(325) 238-7669

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